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Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try

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Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try

Postby kp » Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:46 pm

The best things in life are free; but is this saying also true for web hosting providers? Yes, there are free web hosting providers that offer free web hosting. No monthly fees, no bills, no hosting packages; you get free web hosting services and even some perks that will help you create a professional web site for free.

Different free hosting sites have different features; but as it’s free, you can never tell if it offers reliable hosting features. This is why looking for free best hosting providers is like shopping for shoes; you need to find the one that will fit your individual business website needs.

Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try
Free Web Hosting

The basic feature of free web hosting services is web hosting with PHP & MySQL support; so your site can benefit from PHP–based web applications like Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, Drupal, SMF etc. Another feature that you may find is forced advertising; something that is very common in free hosting sites but not all of them have forced ads. Some of them give hosting with no ads at all.

Here is a list of free reliable web hosting providers to check out:

Hosting EU – they offer free hosting with absolutely no ads. You get 200 MB free web space and 4000 MB bandwidth per month. PHP4, PHP5, MySQL 5 database, Webmail access, FRP access, online file manager, Joomla support and FrontPage are some their features. When you subscribe, you get 5 free sub-domain names.

BizHT – this is a one of a kind reliable web hosting company that offers an Eco-friendly free green service plan. You get 250 MB of web space and 5 GB data transfer per month. Included are PHP5, MySQL, CGI, WordPress support and several free sub-domain names. They are powered by wind and 100% green energy.

Biz – this is a business hosting site with no ads, no pop ups and no subscriptions. It provides 250 MB free web space, 5 GB monthly bandwidth, POP3 account, Webmail, FrontPage extensions, FTP support, PHP 4/5, MySQL, WordPress blogs, free sub domain names and many more perks.

Award Space – a no ads plan that provides 250 MB disk storage space, 5 GB monthly bandwidth, 5 Pop3/IMAP email accounts, PHP, MySQL, CGI, access to FrontPage and an efficient control panel.

Zymic – offers ad-free web hosting services giving you 6 GB disk space per account; plus you may have unlimited accounts per user. 50 GB monthly data transfer, FTP access, PHP, 3 MySQL databases and free sub domains are some of its features.

100WebSpace – they have a free web hosting plan that provides 100 MB web space, 3 GB data transfer, Webmail accounts, FrontPage support, PHP/MySQL, FTP support, efficient password protection and much more. The only disadvantage is that they have forced ads.

XtreemHost – allows 2.5 GB disk space with 100 GB monthly data transfer, 10 MySQL databases, FTP support and more.

Hosting Engine – this free web hosting service offers 250MB disk space, 5 GB of monthly data transfer, domain hosting, latest MySQL versions and more.

Host ED – this is a free web hosting service which gives you 1000 MB free space, 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, 10 MB MySQL databases and more.
Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try
Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try
Some Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Should Try
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