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How To View And Delete Saved Password From Chrome

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:51 pm
by kp
lets try how to view and delete saved password from Google Chrome then this post is for you.Today I am gonna write about a secret topic about Chrome.We sometimes save our password in Google Chrome to check our online accounts easily for the next time.But we often forget to remove the password.If password goes to wrong hand then you will face great lose.

So we should know how to view saved password and how to remove them from browser.Okay lets start-

1.Open Google Chrome browser.
2.Click on the Customize and control button from just below the close button
3.Choose Setting from the menu
4.From end of the page click on Show advanced settings
5.Now hit on Password and Forms option
6.Click on Manage saved passwords.
7.Then you will get a new window showing your online accounts with passwords.
8.Select any account and click on show button to view saved password.
9.To remove any saved password click on cross button
If you want to stop your browser to offer to save password then unmark the option Offer to save password from Password and Forms option at step 5